The Association of Port Wine Companies - AEVP - is a private non-profit organization, established since January 1975, with headquarters in Vila Nova de Gaia - Portugal.
The main purpose of AEVP is to represent and protect the interests of its Members and the promotion and protection of the industry and trade of the Port and Douro wines and other wine products from the Demarcated Douro Region Throughout the national and foreign territory.


With Port Wine Cellars, the AEVP coordinates and develops a work of certification, to ensure a professional and a high level service, to those who

want to have a deeper knowledge about Port Wine history and its genuine value.

The certification of Port Wine Cellars by AEVP gives to the visitor the credibility of the information, recognizing codes of a professional behaviour and social responsability.

Visit a Certified Port Wine Cellars and enjoy the moment!

The Port Wine Cellars are a Portuguese ex-libris and document an unusual history of temperance and courage. Open for visits all year, knowing them is to deepen knowledge about the Port wine, the Douro region and the cities of Oporto and Vila Nova de Gaia.