The Graham’s Lodge was build in 1890, in Vila Nova de Gaia on the Douro Estuary near the Atlantic Ocean. Here, the maritime climate is ideally suited to the balanced ageing of Graham’s Ports. The sturdy granite walls of the lodge currently house over 3,500 casks of Port as well as a unique Vintage Port cellar.
Opened in 1993 to the public, the Graham’s Lodge is a functional, working building which today welcomes over 50 000 visitors every year. Nearly 20 years after its opening, the Lodge is one of Premium Port lovers favourite destinations where visitors can witness the everyday workings, discover and taste Graham’s Ports and enjoy authentic and unique food pairing combinations.

    TIMETABLE - Reopens on April 19, 2021

  • April to October
    9.30AM - 6PM
    Every day
  • November to March
    9.30AM - 5.30PM *
    Every day
* Last visit, 1hr before closing